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Default Re: The war in Iraq.

Bush is going to have no choice but to use a draft
Do you realize that Bush doesn't even have the power alone to start a draft? That has to go through Congress. Remember Congress is the one that authorized the war, not Bush.
Just watch the news.
Haha no if the news you're watching is feeding you that bullshit you shouldn't watch them. The news media is a very unreliable source, especially in politics.

North Korea is being worked with diplomaticly. Last I read they agreed to disarm. As far as what Chavez says about video games I can care less. Venezuela isn't a country I don't think we need to worry about, yet anyway.

If a draft happens you have to deal with it. If our country is being attacked it's better to institute a draft and fight them over there than here. If you don't want to defend this country that gives you freedom then leave. Our country didn't get where we are now from peace and dipolmacy.

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