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Default Re: George Bush Like Or Dislike?

Yes I know, but still there have been more threats recently than when we first went into Iraq. Since we're increasing the amount of troops in Iraq now, we are thus making ourselves seem vulnerable and weak. It has already been stated that we're low on troops and equipment. If another conflict arises, whether it be Bushes fault or not, we are probably screwed, because we can't pull out of Iraq. It wouldn't matter who was president, even if it was the best president ever, this would still be a messed up situation, ok. I'm just saying that with more and more troops going to Iraq, and with other countries threatening us (most recently Iran) we could get seriously screwed if we don't have enough troops to deal with a new conflict. So if any other president, whether i thought he was great or not, had kept on adding to the amount of troops in Iraq i'd be pissed at him, too. It's not that I 100% hate Bush, it's that i hate his decisions, which of course could have been made by a different president, too.

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