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Originally Posted by few desires View Post
Its called preejaculate (precum), but as The Mask said it will increase its whiteness over time.
Precum is actually not what it seems. Precum is made up of 2 words, 'pre', meaning before, and 'cum' meaning, in this case, before ejaculation.
It's a clear fluid that comes out during sexual arousal, foreplay or sex, NOT at orgasm, and is made to lubricate and clean away any left-over acid from urine, as paraphrased from Wikipedia.

Semen is made up of two things - sperm and seminal plasma. Seminal plasma is the fluid that carries sperm. Seminal plasma is partially made by the prostate.

So to put it real simple, drifter, you just don't have any sperm in your seminal plasma yet. Your body will start producing that love potion later on in puberty, and don't worry, it'll...well...'cum' lol I'm jp
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