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Default Re: Am I seeing myself as too fat?

Originally Posted by few desires View Post
The WFL is real, but Lt. Col. Environment be realistic, you are extremely strange, but bring up strange points. But anyways on the same topic of the WFL, she's too young to join. And my advice is to be yourself and don't worry about how others judge you, you're the biggest judge in your life, you decide what you do, not others. Do what you want to do in life. Live like everyone else. Unless your overweigthness is causing physical or mental damage/disease you shouldn't worry. Also i have a question. Does anyone ever call you fat or make fun of you, or this just your opinion?
Not necessarily. I've got curves, but I also have a pouch at my lower stomach. Like, I'm not //hot// by ANYONE'S standards.

Eh, it's just more of a low self esteem thing, and I just wanted to make sure I wasn't really overweight or something.

"Sing when the only microphone is your hairbrush...
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I have now realized that I could care less about what other people think of me, and thusforth, I am becoming an //individual// again.

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