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Default Re: Global Warming

Global warming is not effecting us that much yet. It will in the future, its basically like the heat is gathering, but cannot penetrate the ozone yet and is not effecting us yet, but once we over pollute and it finally overheats the ozone will be gone and we'll be unprotected from direct heat from the sun, so technically the name is misleading, we're facing warming, but we're just not feeling it yet, it's sort of like a delayed reaction, but once the ozone is worn away temps will sky rocket... So for all of you who don't believe in global warming, it may not seem like it exists now, but you'll know of it in the future (presuming your still alive) This seems like the stupidest thing to debate. It's real, you just can't tell in some places. Trust me i know, i'm in the state of pollution (most factories or something like that in the U.S.), i'm in the heartland of pollution, it's gonna get fucked up here before it gets fucked up in Illinois.

EDIT: There is also the greenhouse effect, in which the pollutants are keeping the heat in are atmosphere (or whatever) and are not letting the heat out, thus letting the heat become stronger. There is a simple experiment to prove this, i forget what it is, but if you search the greenhouse effect on a search engine (like google) you might find it.

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