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Default What can i do to help?

Ok, so i have this friend who is really, REALLY thin. She hardly eats anything and is always going on about how she has to go to the gym etc etc.
She is between about 5'6-5'7 in height and fits into a size six(uk size) and even that is sometimes too big.
She lies to her mum about what she eats - saying that she had alot more than she actually did.
She often gets really sore heads and a few times has fainted. When ive asked her what she had to eat that day the answer is normally nothing (or thereabouts).
Once when she was in hospital the doctors even said how thin she was for her height but her mum just brushed it off and said she was naturally like that. I think her parents are in denial cos her mum is a nurse so she should be able to spot the signs.
Im not sure how i can help her anymore. I thought that recently, she had been getting alot better, but i saw her quite a bit over the weekend and she defo hasn't improved. Ive tried talking to her about it and my mum even tried talking to her mum, but her mum (again) just brushed it off.
Has anyone got any ideas for what i can do to help her?

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