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An interesting study in psychology i read about hte other day.

They experiment was to determine wether psychatrists really had a special ability to tell if someone was genuinly mentally ill or faking it. They made a sample of people get into the mental health system and be admitted into a hospital by faking it, saying they were hearing voices.

They all got into hospital and the doctors suspected many of the patients to be faking an illness, however when they tried to decipher who had a genuine illness they all said real patients!

The mentally ill people in the hospital were the ones who noticed these people were faking their experiances, noticing how they were always writing notes etc.

This shows that psychatrists and psychologists really cant tell the difference between someone who is ill and someone who is. They can very well accuratly diagnose someone, but if the person knows enough about the disease they can fake it.

Only expensive brain scans can shed light on any evidence if they even have a trace of mental illness. Little or too much brain chemicals can mean a mental illness but people who are normal also have these brain structures differences and are not ill.

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