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Boognish you have a good point, psychatry does kill alot of people. Id say not all psychatrists are naturally empathetic, and some people can react badly to that.

However from the early 20th century and before that mentally ill people were tortured - Witchs were infact most delusional and schizophrenic. They got burned for that and drowned.

'Insane Asylums' just kept all people who were very disturbed, locked up and tortured and put on show like animals.

However i think it needs to exist because, although mentally ill people are not as violent as the general population, some individuals who are mentally ill are at high risk of commiting a violent crime, but only a tiny number. However these are preventable and that's why we have doctors to treat them before it becomes a problem.

Mentally retarded people are not ill, they are not mentally ill. You cannot put htem in the same category because they mean completly different things. A mentally retarded person is disabled, a mentally ill person is ill. A disabled person cannot get better, an ill person can get better.

Although psychatry does save alot of peoples lives.

I believe society creates these mental illnesses through exposure to an environment and things that are in the atmosphere that the human body isnt designed to deal with.

People who are mentally ill, are this way because of their own bodies chemical makeup and societys pressure on them. Some people are more resiliant to stress others are not.

They are highly treatable and people can get better to a state where they feel comfortable about themselves and have a good social life. However the real question is wether mental illness is a natural reaction, and should we fight it off or experiance it fully to learn from it.

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