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Default Re: The "This is where I am, am I normal?!" Sticky!

Hey. I feel weird doing this over the 'net, but here goes. I'm 16 and a little behind in puberty. Not too much though, my voice has dropped a while ago, I have significant armpit hair, pubic hair, I shave every other day, my genitals have grown, and to my knowledge I have NEVER had a wet dream. (I do wake up a bit 'wet' some mornings, but it's hardly sticky or in need of cleaning. . .) I've also tried masturbating before, but no results. Maybe I'm just retarded, but is this normal? And my body should have the physical ability to ejaculate at this point, right?

Thanks in advance.

*edit* By the way, if this helps, I'm nearly 6 feet, and nearly 6 inches xD.

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