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Exclamation Please give me advice on this one (private story)

Hello, I feel very tight cornered,while typing this because I remember this.

Me and my mom have a housemate, we share the living room, kitchen and bathroom. he was very mean to me when I was little, (dont blame on my mom, because, well... its a little bit private) and when I was 11 years old, i saw him once masturbating (only his penis showing) and watching pornography, my mom was away, and he had his door open. he knew I came out. Somehow with words he lured me in. I tried to act like I didnt know he was masturbating or watching porn. I heard him masturbating behind me. I tried to act it out. sooo.... hes 35 or 36 years old, my mom just knows (cause i told her) that I saw him watching porn, but I didnt tell about the male part.
Next, when I was 12, I was home alone again (with the roommate) and when he awoke, I saw him naked (I MEAN IT, totally NAKED ) no underwear or ANYTHING he looked in the window to see if my moms car is there. I quickly ran to my bedroom, and again tried to act out that I didnt see him. He tried luring me in again to the living room (probably for me to see him naked). And a couple of months after ( i was still 12) he was telling me all this stuff that you have to have sex with an older guy, not my age, and that when you actually suck in the sperm, he said its a good tingling feeling.

GUYS i just dont know what to do!!! plz help me this is SERIOUS. My mom never knew this, im too embarrassed to tell her. ANd you know, this guy rommate helped her with the legal documents and bought us VERY expensive stuff and took care of our animals when we werent at home. So I really cant say this to my mom. BUT PLZZZZZZZZZZZ tell me ANY advice YOU THINK OF WHEN YOU READ THIS. because, it all depends on me, i could call the police and tell them everything, i could do lots of things he'll feel bad after.

SO make NO haste, help me help mememememe.


kk xoxoxoxoxoxxoxo
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