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Default Re: TOO SMALL boobs.

You shouldn't feel like an outcast. Eventually you'll outgrow some of the other girls in your school and breast size isn't the biggest thing that a guy cares about when it comes to girls. Ignore the people who make fun of you and if it gets too out of hand you can get them in trouble by telling the principal/vp or whoever is in charge of discipline at your school. Making fun of someones breast size is 100% harassment and people can get in trouble for it. I also know that going from flat chested, to wearing an overly padded bra is probably a strange change and may cause more embarrasment. I'm a guy, but there was a girl at my school who went from flat chested to barrel-chested and it was ridiculous. I actually crushed on that girl until she attempted that. Breast size isn't all that matters. Give it time your still young.

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