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Default Am I seeing myself as too fat?

I'm a 15 year old girl, and I am 5'8", weighing in at 211 out of a sport's season. Most of the women in my family are generally overweight. The ideal weight for someone of my age and height is about 155 ish.

Anyway, I play volleyball and softball, so I'm pretty athletic, but I can't help feeling HUGE when I'm around my 115-155 pound friends. When you look at me, you'd never be able to guess my real weight. I'm //very// muscular (for weightlifting buffs, I can clean ((a full body full up to my collarbone)) 135 pounds, which is a lot for a girl), but...I still feel huge. I look at other girls in my grade, I'm...very dishearted.

I mean, I know what my problem is. I eat when I'm not hungry (hah, I'll never have to worry about Anoerxia!). And I eat too much. But even though I know, why can't I stop!?

It's just very frustrating, and I want to lose weight, really badly, but it's so, so hard. I know I"m 50 poudns overweight, but I've got a LOT of muscle. Can someone help me at least feel better about myself?

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