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Actually its not legal to kill someone. Even if you claim self-defense, even if you had a restraining order, its still not legal to kill someone. You can still do time behind bars. Trust me killing someone does worse emotional damage than getting beaten. Some people become addicted to it or some can never get over the fact that the ended another human's life, no matter how bad that person was. Killing is not the answer, it could lead to suicide, or could seriously screw you up. Don't kill unless its the last choice you've got. And even when it is the last choice avoid it at all costs. If you have a gun shoot him in the leg or in the arm, not in the face or the chest. If he dies it will prove not to be your intention, but if he just walks up to you and you shoot him in the face, you could face manslaughter charges (assuming it was not premeditated.)

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