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i think that the commercials are dumb. they need to be more truthful. there was one commercial that showed a bunch of guys high. they went through a drive thru like 5 times, all the time laughing and having fun. then the 6th time the ran over a girl. great message. 5/6 you'll have fun. 1/6 times you might hit a little girl, while your going 5 mph out of the drive thru. think about how bad drugs are.

also i'd like to point out that that was a survey. no hard facts. if they asked every single person in the us, i'd agree. but i was never asked. why? cause if drug users were asked, we would know that 50% of the population do drugs and like 80% tried it. i may be way off, im know to exagerate figures, but alot of people try/do drugs daily

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