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cosmos....are mentally challenged? cause i read his post, and it seems that he in no way shape or form insulted any mentally challenged personts. your flagrent disregard for the "plotically correct" term shows that you sir are insulting mentally challenged persons. also cosmos he clearly stated that mentally illnesses are contracted. mentaly challeneged people are born that way. or if they become that way from stroke, the mental disability is ussually permenent. an illness is treatable. how is mental disability able to be treated? huh? no it cant.

shaolin, back to your question, i think that most of this is made up. yes some people might have some things, but why is it happening now? why are people caring now? back in the 1910's people were probly acting like this, no one cared, why? everyone was like that. its just that now a days everyone is out to laugh at eachother. or get a bigger sickness. "so jon i found out today that im bi polar." "wow jim, i found out im scizo and manic depressive" so after this convo, to one up his friend jon will develop belimia and other things like that and eventually commit suicide since the drugs he was taking for his "diseases" were to much for his actuall heathy body

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