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Default Great way to get through depression

I myself am a bi-polar manic depressive, and I came up with a great method that might help others too. One of the biggest problems when dealing with depression is motivation. Anyone who is depressed is familiar with this lack of motivation. You either are alright with dealing with life's problems or you can't even bear it. 4 months ago I came up with a great coping mechanism for this illness. Naturally, the harder time you have reaching a goal, the better it is when you reach it. Unlike normal people, manic depressives either feel great, or horrible, thats pretty much the definition of the illness. Think of it like this though, you are going to be dealing with this lack of motivation, but try to know that you will feel better at some point, if you look back I'm sure there are times when you felt good. What I did was, I grabbed a get out of jail for free card from a monopoly set, and on the back I wrote: small reward-1 hour, medium reward-1 day, large reward-1 week, and huge reward- 1 year. Think the longer amount of time and effort put in a task you have upon you, the better the reward will be. This is pretty much common sense, but when you are depressed you have no perception of anything other than your current feelings. Try to think past that specific point of time, even if it is the hardest thing you ever did in your life. In the end, you will only feel better and more motivated. Sitting and dwelling on your shitty feelings and waiting for them to pass, is no way to get through life. If you learn to manage this cycle even just a little bit, you'll feel that much more better in the long run. Hope this helps.
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