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Originally Posted by Shaolin
Fading dream i think your right, that having even anti drugs information, is better than nothing.

Id like it to be more fact based though.
I agree, give them the information, the stats and let them decide. I've always been told that drugs are BAD!!!! But I unno anymore, I've read allot of your posts which spiked my curiosity so I went in look of info online. I still have no intrest in doing them but I'm not so sure there bad. I met a guy a few days ago we hang out n goof around on Xbox he's into drugs yet he's smart, funny, lives out on his own in a nice app, no problems at work nuthin....So, yea.

To be honest I still think it should be illigal to do it anywhere you want though, it would be cool if you could go somewhere and do it, somewhere that has nurses n stuff incase sumthin happens. But at the same time kept it away from lil kids and made sure nobody could get hurt er whatever.

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