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Default Re: The war in Iraq.

Look, have any of the previous presidents decided to go to war to aid a country (the answer is probably yes but not on the scale of iraq)
well, lets see....

Bush could give a damn how many American lives are lost in the war. He doesn't give a fuck! Get that through your little freaking mind!!
so now you claim to know Bush's own thoughts, interesting.
anthoney, cmpcmp thats your views i beleve wot my teecher sed was rite and yes he is a real teecher not just sum made up dentist. If u dont beleve it dont, but that is wot my teecher sed and i beleve him. How am i ment to get any proof that i can put on here?
I think that its time some people learn that this is a debate, and in a debate if your going to reference something it has to have at least some kind of source so that it can be corrected/referenced if it is wrong. Im not saying it has to be written in stone on mount siani, but quoting people that were somehow supposed to belive that are un named and unreferenced and could very very easily have been made up, or made the information up them selves.

That is definitely past the point of where I would put the line for citing information, as we should all keep some kind of standards when debating here.
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