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Originally Posted by Kasabian View Post
I use cannabis regularly and 20 cigarettes per day. I used to do coke occasionally but then I stopped hanging out with the people who were supplying the charlie. I do want to quit smoking quite badly because I have asthmah, but I see no harm in smoking pot in moderation NOT foure times a day! ...I've seen that destroy people.

I've never heard the term "charlie" before. You know, it's true that a lot of people really are destroyed by smoking pot but I can handle it, I've been smoking pot every day for a couple years now and I have a 4.24 GPA in ap and honors classes. I'm very proud of myself for overcoming that stereotype. I also drink occasionally, and I have tried shrooms, cocaine, speed, and many prescription pills but I decided to discontinue all of that, now I just smoke pot and drink. All of this while maintaining great grades and I have never gotten in trouble...I guess I just like to party
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