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My Home

I used to hide,
In a corner,
Where it was dark,
My home,

No one could hurt,
No one could affect,
Nothing to me,
My home,

The darkness clouded,
My thoughts,
To dream of blades,
My home,

I dreamt of pain,
I dreamt of horror,
I dreamt of blood,
My home,

I learned to hate and,
I feared to leave,
My home,

The door was shut,
I had no exit,
No one understands,
My home,

Some precious souls,
Slid in the key,
And kicked open the door of,
My home,

I forced myself,
To push the limit,
I took a stop out,
My home,

I was blinded,
The light,
The difference from,
My home,

The smiles are real,
The laughs are real,
The living is real,
My home,

The priories changed,
The way of live changed,
I didn’t like some of it,
My home,

I ruined old relationships,
Genuine people,
Who I learned to love,
My home,

Now I stand torn,
Between two worlds,
The past and the present,
My home,

All that’s undecided,
Is the future,
Of where it will lie,
My home,

I cannot decide,
Time will tell,
Where it will be,
My home.

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