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Default Re: The war in Iraq.

Originally Posted by few desires View Post
Look, have any of the previous presidents decided to go to war to aid a country (the answer is probably yes but not on the scale of iraq) The Iraqi war is meaningless, all of the possible democratic candidates for pres except Hillary Clinton are against the war. Hillary is undecided. Considering the next president will probably be a democrat, we will most likely pull out of Iraq unless the war is won or lost before 2008. If your going to try and fix Iraq, why not fix other countries and help with other conflicts? Why not invade other possible threats like North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela? Why? Because Iraq is weak. A way to make Bush look good is to beat up on smaller countries that are causing us problems. Bush could give a damn how many American lives are lost in the war. He doesn't give a fuck! Get that through your little freaking mind!!
You need to chill out. Everybody has there opinions on the war and to say that everyones elses opinion is shit is selfish. So YOU need to get through YOUR MIND that not everone else thinks like you!
And if you dont think we whent to war to help another country? Um let's see..... WORLD WAR TWO!
And if we pull out so soon we will have lost the war. Iraqs goverment is not stable enough to control the country. I would become a terrorist breeding ground and all the american lives lost in the war would have been for nothing.

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