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Default Re: Fight Global Warming From Your Desktop

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It's more effective to buy an efficient power supply and a fan controller.
My computer running day and night with the old CRT 16" takes $7 a month

now I have a 17" LCD and turn it off at night.

everyone turns the desktops off at night now after we did a meter on them and found what they were costing per month
my brothers old setup wit dual screen was taking $16 a month to run 24/7

I vote for a better fan/power cooling setup...or even water cooling

you could also try turning the fans lower with speed controllers at night when its in sleep mode or when its not used for gaming...or anything like that

IMO, global warming is a big story.
my brother who works for Wether Bug also agrees

And even if the earth is warming I just don't care (I like the warmer weather too) lol


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