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Default Re: what the fuck is wrong with me

I don't think there is necessarily something seriously wrong with you - like half of guys have anger problems. But if you have already taken classes for anger management, then what further steps could be taken? If you can realize your mistakes afterwards then maybe you should be sensible when you are thinking about smashing a bottle over a guy's head. Just stop and think over the situation, that you hardly know the girl and there was most likely no way that your friend could have known that you were interested in her. You just have to maintain calmness, and smoking bud definitely helps, alcohol does not. And with the girl, don't be so aggresive. I'm talking about texting her several times throughout the day - if you want to text her just text her once, and if she doesn't answer, then call her later. and if she doesn't answer the call, don't keep calling her, just wait until the next day. I don't like it when guys text me or call me multiple times, sometimes I'm just not in the mood to talk (I may be on the rag) and it's better for the guy that I don't talk with him, and this is probably the case with her
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