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I think ill delete your posts if they don't relate to the thread subject. Or ill move them to the trashcan.

Im not threatening you, just please stop coming in her to pick fights with me about my stance on drug abuse. I believe people who dont want to take drugs, shouldn't if someone forces them to. I believe someone who takes drugs, will not stop if you tell them to, because i know that from experiance.

Prevention is a good method to stop drug use, by giving people the facts - they then decide wether its worth it or not. No amount of biased information will dissuade drug users. Information about Ecstacy causing brain damage hasn't stopped them, the rates have increased in fact.

Second to prevention comes HARM REDUCTION, safe methods of taking drugs. A heroin addict will stop at nothing to get his fix, if he is heavily addicted, so providing them with clean needles (to cut down on AIDs and other blood transmitted diseases), cotton wool pads and first aid kits is not pro drugs, it's common sense.

Now give HELPFUL advise or i will do something about you. Stop coming in her and ranting at me, leave that for the debate forum!

If anyone wants immediate advice don\'t hestitate to contact to me on AIM (AOL instant messenger) - aim: vodkasmodka

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