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someone, i don't remember who, told me once that i was letting my past, my present, and my problems define me. at first i was really pissed, like who are you to tell me that what has happend to me doesn't matter. it took me a while to realize that they weren't minimizing what i had gone through, but instead they were telling me that i now had the chance to redefine who i was or who i wanted to be now. so i did. i started becoming more social, even though i hated talking to people. i basically just started to do things i had never done before to get my mind off of what i used to be and what i wanted to do (cut). it took a while, at least a couple of weeks, before i realized that i was thinking less about wanting to cut because i was so concentrated on making myself into a new or a more different person.
so maybe that is something you can try. i don't know. and sorry if none of this helped.
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