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Default Re: The war in Iraq.

There are plenty of places that are having innocent people killed in Africa, such as Darfur, that just like Iraq are of no threat to the U.S., so why not go there? Oh, wait Bush is racist against african-americans, i.e. Hurricane Katrina.
Under your example of racism, EVERY president of the united states has been racist because they haven't stooped killings in Africa. Not no mention basically every world leader since the invention of armies with boats and the knowledge of death in Africa.

-I think we should confront genocide and all major matters like in all around the world including Sudan, (past) Rwanda (that was Clinton BTW).

How is it that you get the notion that no white people were effected by the Katrina disaster? Is bush also racist against whites because he didn't help them? or are you to argue that he some how managed to selectively not give aid only to black people? And since when is the president the one in charge of hurricane response?

The facts is, is that Katrina was a disaster on EVERY LEVEL
-Natural disaster
-Failure of government, on the local, state, and federal level.
-Failure of the people, after the hit stores were looted of everything that they had (including non food / and stuff that could not possibly be usefully in a hurricane situation, TVs come to mind (there was no electricity).) also stuff like shooting at aid helicopters.
-the levies weren't designed to withstand category 5 hurricanes.
-F.E.M.A. (federal emergency management agency) screwed up in a very big way, and yes it is their job to do the Federal level response stuff, as implied in the name.
O and i forgot, Bush also hates Black people soooo much that he likes to put them on his senior staff, yes look it up if you don't believe.

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