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Default separation anxiety

hi, i have a problem
in mid december about 3 months ago, i was in a situation where my dads cell phone was off and it was about 11 oclock at night and hes never been home that late. We kept calling and calling and nothing mind was all over the place and i ran thoruh every possible scenario that could have happpened, but nothing. And then for one brief moment i felt that i would never see my dad again...

he came home 15 minutes of his friends was in trouble and he left his phone in the car.

I was never paranoid like this in my life, i can usually just say "hey he probably stopped off somewhere to get cigarettes or something" but i was so scared because this never happened before, he would always call if he knew he wasnt coming right home.

ever since then, everytime my parents go out, i count the minutes theyre gone, and if i cant get them on the cell i get worried. Everytime they go to the store, and they are gone longer than i think they should be then i get paranoid and sttart thinking that theyve been killed or in an accident or shot or something

I WAS NEVER LIKE THIS...EVER... it happened again today, my mom went to go get gas and she was gone for like a half hour, so i started to freak cuz it shuldnt take that long..then my mind started to run through worst case scenarios again, i thought she was taken and raped and killed or her car broke down on the train tracks or something, i even called non emergency to see if any accidents were reported. I FREAKED

she eventually came home

Ive also been having dreams at least once a week about me losing my parents or my brother since december

I dont know whats wrong with me, ive always been a normal kid... Im popular, i live in a good neighborhood, my family is normal, i used to think how wierd it was that kids could be depressed and stuff, i didnt get it. now i know there is such a thing as mental health

can sum1 please tell me something about this.
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