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Default Re: Bird Flu Found In Suffolk

Well I'm just anticipating the havoc that will be wreeked by this. People are just going to have the view of "Omg, I'm going to get bird flu by being within 20 metres of a bird" but of course this is ridiculous. My Dad used to research on this sort of stuff and you would quite literally have to role around with the infected birds to catch it. But the scary though is that some infected meat has got out.

Originally Posted by Hyper
Not to me I consider the bird flu a mythical thing, that has always existed
I don't know if you live in England but this could be a major threat to our poultry industry. It is one of the big ones in the UK. And there is the chance of there being not enough turkeys and chickens for Christmas, and in England you just have to have a turkey at X-Mas, you just do. Basically, if any one wants a turkey this year, exscuse my french, but they could be fucked, and the whole nation might want one, so the industry is in big big trouble.

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