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Default My sister...

This is a little embarrising (spelling) but I need the advice. I am a boy, but this question is about my sister and what I should do. Sometimes when I walk into our computer room, my sister will shut out of something really quick, I got suspicious and I one day I caught her looking at pornography,I was really upset because she was looking at females, and she is only 10. On our computer each of my family members has their own account, and sometimes I get onto my sister's account and check her history.And there are pornography sites, and some of the things she searches for on google are way inappropriate.

I am stuck because my parents dont know. I want to tell them to stop anyother things that might occur from this. But if I tell my mom or someone she might not believe me, and it would be really weird, I wouldnt know how to explain it. What do you all think I should do?
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