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Default Re: A Small Problem About Masturbating

Im a chrisitan too, my dads a priest! lol (im protestant, not catholic)
and i masturbate multiple times each day unless i try hard not to. i used to feel kinda like u, feelin guilty and all. but then i realized 1: nowhere does it say you shouldnt pleasure urself sexually (i dont think so :/) and 2: god's our father, wouldnt he want you to be happy a free to do what you feel rather then confining urself and fighting against ur natural urges to please him? sure it shows devotion and courage to abstain from sexual things but i dont think that god would want us to live the life we've been given trying all the time to fight against ourselfs as we are in nature and live a life of strict rules, but instead love oursleves, celebrate our bodies and b happy is offline