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Originally Posted by cosmos
something that is "stunted" from birth IS a defect. i dont see why you're trying to redefine things. who cares?

you can call them, retarded, stupid, mentally ill, defective.... theres many terms, some more polite than others. either way, it all boils down to the same conditions and everyone will still know what youre talking about. Whether you call them mentally retarded or mentally ill is no different and shouldnt even be argued about. its just how the language works. its like calling someone a fag when theyre not really gay. it is the wrong word to use, but everyone still knows what you mean so it doesnt matter
I told you to be careful. Mental illnesses are as i define (can't you fucking read?) illnesses that show symptoms, are contracted (just like physical illnesses) and can be treated you can also get better and recover from an illness, physical or mental.

By lumping people mentally ill people into the same category as learning disabled you are offending both groups. Mentally ill people have issues with their mind and need psychotherapy, and medication. Calling them retarded is damaging to their self confidence.

Also calling a retarded person 'crazy' or mentally ill, is just as offensive.

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