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Default Re: controlling boyfriend or am i just a bitch?

Originally Posted by Hyper View Post
I think you dont know the meaning of a controll freak

He is just a bit more mature than you and wants you to have a good life later. And skipping school and shit wont do good for you. Neither will drinking/smoking/cutting/weed do good for your health.. About the 'controll' he is just a bit over caring.. Just reason with him
I agree with hyper. In my opinion it seems he's helping you turn your life around. Unless he starts telling you to stop doing things you enjoy that are good for you, such as certain activities such as going to the mall or playing sports ( but not smoking, drinking, getting high, etc.) you should stay with him and take his advice. I think he should give you a little leverage, but the reason he's so suspicious when you go somewhere with him unaware is because you give him lots of reasons to be suspicious. If anything he's making your life better, so i don't think he's controlling to the point of it being bad nor do i think you're a bitch. I also think that over time he will give you more and more space. TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS!!!!!!

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