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Default Re: The war in Iraq.

"i have no clue why we went there"
lets think....
-Saddam killed 100's of thousands of people
-would do things like attack his neighbors
-there had been UN resoutions on the Country for over 10 years, some of the later ones promised action of some kind that no one would follow up on at all
-It has been estimated that 100,000+ Iraqi children (that estimate id very very low) have died becuase of the sanctions, (which Saddam caused to happen)
-has used gas attacks on enemies and own population
-has attempted to acquire WMD's

-But most of all.... his sons were the most evil, sick and twised sons of bitches to walk the face of the planet that the problems that existed showed absolutely no sign at all of being solved any time soon, that is assuming that they wouldn't have gotten worse.

yes, before the invasion there was "peace" if u define peace as the absence of war, but the only thing that was preventing that problems that we are seeing now was that if u did anything to threaten that peace ur ass would end up in the bottom of a mass grave of 1000's of people, that just so happened to be the unlucky people that were vaugly connected to you.
The way i see it, if we wouldn't have gone to war in Iraq, Saddam would still be there and all of the old problems would still exist. Perhaps instead of Iraq, the foreign terrorists would instead be insurgents in Afghanistan, effectively making Afghanistan the new Iraq.

But besides that, I think that the sign that we are willing and will take the fight to people that have a flawed Ideology before it is allowed to create vast empires is a very strong message that every person who supports radical Islam, or any flawed Ideology for that matter.

Middle east hate for westerners isn't something that we created by going in to Iraq, the propaganda and the images of daily life that people that latter become terrorist are feed day in and day out aren't dependent on actual bad acts from westerners, they could make up lies all they want and that would be their reality. When you don't accept things like the existence of the holocaust, there really isn't much hope for truth and reason taking hold and being used as a reference point. The fact that places like this exist today scares the hell out of me, and i don't know what we should do, as sitting back and doing nothing doesn't help.

Many people say that Radical Islam is the Nazism of our time. They are for sure very similar with a few substitutions. replace "Jews and all non Arians" with "infidels", Eugenics with "(radical) Islam", middle east rouge states with Germany, and what you may have is a formula for disaster.
O and JJJ, the reason that quoting unnamed, uncheckable, and unreferenceable sources for information that just so happen to also convieniently not be able to tell that whole story, is becuase all of the things that I have typed after the "--"'s

If you wana play that game, my ex-dentist worked for the A.U.P. (Agency of unexplained phenomenon) and told me that 9/11 was in inside job, done by aliens. He worked there so it must be true, but he also witnessed a mob killing and testified so hes in the Witness protection program and i can't tell you where he is under penalty of law.

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