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Default Re: American idol 2007

Originally Posted by Leper Messiah View Post
Simon is such a fucking asshole. Though i think its all an act
I find him truthful.

He's not mean, he's just blunt.

Instead of saying "It wasn't the best" it becomes "That was dreadful!".
And no, it's not an act, it's called being paid to speak your mind. In person he's nice, because he's not being paid to judge you. Everyone would be an ass if paid to judge and a blunt personality looking for faults.

And I love American Idol :]

My favourite scene this season, was in the special last episode of auditions, when it brought up how everyone had jobs.
Then you see in the clip a random smiling guy "I'm a hillbilly"
I honestly burst out laughing just because of how enthused he was.
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