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Whow. Someones trying to make me look bad!

I said mental retardation (or learning difficulties as it's more compassionatly put) are not mental illnesses. People with mental illnesses suffer from disorders such as Social Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Schizophrenia etc.

Mental retardation is not an 'illness', infact your offending the millions that suffer from it by saying it is an illness.

Mental retardation is not a 'defect', someone who has an IQ lower than 70 is mentally retarded, their learning abilities have been stunted from birth.

The difference is, someone with an illness was previously HEALTHY - they contract the illness, show symptoms and a doctor diagnoses such an illness and treats it.

Mental retardation is not a mental illness. If you want to see for yourself, go ahead and look it up in the DSM-IV, diagnostic statistical manual, volume 6. Oh and don't get it mixed up with Pervasive Developmental Disorder, thats the spectrum for disorders such as autism and aspergers syndrome.

Now stop being offensive to mentally retarded people, implying they are defected and ill is like saying you are defected and ill because you can't do your homework.

I warn you to be careful of what you say. What i say is not bullshit, im a social sciences student at college and everything i know about mental illness is read in psychology textbooks, or online information.

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