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I know it's hard, hon,
but you really need to get out of this relationship.
He IS controlling,
and the controlling will only get worse.
Please, spare yourself the worse stuff,
and get out now.

Now, I had a problem with cutting and smoking a while back.
My boyfriend HATED it,
but did he scream at me?
Try to make me feel bad by convincing me that I wanted to hurt him?
He was understanding.
Talked to me about it.
And HELPED me through this.

This guy,
he doesn't seem like a good guy.

Now, I've been where you are now.
Loving some boy and not being able to admit that he isn't right for you.
I know.
But you need to do it, hon.
You really need to get away from him.


Add me if you have one,
and let me know that you know me from VT.
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