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Default Re: The war in Iraq.

Originally Posted by cmpcmp View Post
JJJ, that is the biggest load of shit that I have ever heard anyone try to pass off as truth.

-First off this "intelligence officer" was on the battle field?
-How is he supposed to know what US soldiers orders are? let alone where they come form? Did he over hear the order directly?
-Third are you aware that Oil is Iraq main economic source of money? so no money = bad for the Iraqi ppl.
-and fourth are the Americans straight taking the Oil? cuz if they are im sure some one in the media would love to run that story.

He was sent in with the ferst load of troops i dont no y, thats goverment bisness he doesnt tell us but he was investigatin iraq and he was with the ferst troops.

The ferst set of britsh troops went in with the US soldiers and he was with them. They wer given a load of instructions and then a message came out over radio that bushes orders wer to secure oil wels.

We went into iraq not to get oil or to terrise pepel but to protect them so how is takin away there only sorce of money good.

I dont care whot the media says they werent the ferst to go into iraq they talk crap anyway.

It is the truth and your the one talking absolute shit.
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