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Originally Posted by quackcow View Post
well yeah i suck at smoking stuff how do i inhale or can i eat it or somthing lol it was 10x and its from club13 not from their directly but indirectly

o and it smells kinda like english or some kind of tea

also is their anyway to get Psilocybin legally and if i cant then how should i go about finding someone that has it... just casually ask people or somthing lol

Sorry if I am digging this post up, but this is how you got to smoke salvia from my experience at least.

1) Put the Salvia in the pipe (Yeah No Duh).

2) Light it until it is cherried (Thats What We Refer To It As Here When You Dont Need To Light It Anymore You Can Just Suck And Keep Roasting It).

3) Inhale the smoke until you dont think you can inhale anymore.

4) Hold it in your lungs until you really needs some air then breathe out.

5) Now there are two things you can do depending on how much you took just the normal dose or the Extract. If you took the normal dose you can probably take another hit and repeat steps 1-4, But if you took extract like 10x or above and you followed the steps above correctly you probably want to pass the pipe to a friend and make sure you are laying down.

Last time I did Salvia I did 15x and did the above steps out of my friends bong and God Dayum it was crazy I was laughing uncontrollably and then I lost balance and fell on the floor still laughing and then I started hallucinating like shit I thought I was an Aisle in the grocery store I could see people walking by with carts and picking items off my shelfs and this lasted for about 5 minutes then I snapped out of it.

So yeah thats basically the process for smoking salvia.
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