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Default Re: guys-what's your opinion on pubic hair?

look...pubes on a girl, the worst turn off ever.

9 year old? people who use that as a reason should reconsider.

1. when fingering or eating a girl out, go dont want it all over yourself.
2. how many straight guys like to feel like they are having sex with a guy?
3. body hair is a masculine trait. thats why girls shave their legs and armpits, if you disagree, then look up the history on it.

any sign of body hair of a girl for is just disgusting, even when after they shave their armpits and they have the small prickly aftershave hairs is just horrible. body hair is probably something i first try to notice on a girl

advice: shave it. all the way. no trim, no nothing.

obviously if a girl is matured, then her boobs are big, or bigger. so you know that your NOT having sex with a 9 year old.
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