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Default Re: I'm having problems

Sounds like the guys in your school are just immature.
You're not ugly at all so you shouldn't believe that.
You're really pretty [&I love your hair, btw. xD]
Guys at my school throw stuff at people to, but I guess it's just their age group or something, [no offence, guys.. xP]
You might also not have found the right guy to be in a relationship with yet, it's not about your looks.
You're only 15, and you've got a long life to live so don't worry about boys. x]]
I don't know where I'm going with this really.. xDDD
Just don't feel as if you should lower down to what they want.. because you sound really nice, [& you are definately not ugly].. be yourself and you'll find someone. :]

I rambled. xD

EDiT: I forgot to say that it's natural for a 15 year old to have only kissed one guy.. I know a load of 18 year olds that haven't kissed anyone before, so don't feel like you have to kiss them. :]]
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