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Unhappy Here's one you probably haven't heard before.

Well I've had this site bookmarked for a while now, just now have decided to make a post. Maybe some of you here'll have some advice maybe not, I'll give it a shot.

Alright, anyway. I'm 14 (15 next month), male, and am diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and OCD. I go to a program called Transitions for adolescents, essentially it's for kids with mental disorders (like those I have) who can't go to a normal school. Anyone who's been to one of these before knows most don't allow dating. I started going to this place in November, me and this girl (who's turning 16 on the 20th of this month) started dating about two weeks after I got there. She's got a number of disorders herself, mainly depression and borderline personality disorder, bad move on my part to even begin to get involved with a borderline (do some research on the illness), so we went for almost five months, I cared about her enough to deal with the constant mood swings and to try and get through to her. This was amazingly tiring on me at first but eventually I started to realize the signs of when something was going to happen, what she was thinking, etc. She began to realize the same with me. In not even half a year we basically managed to make a relationship between two mentally screwed up people work and supported eachother. Her parents, however, have hated me from the get-go. I'm not exactly the kind of person who looks... "dateable" for a girls' parents who are roman catholics. We were both virgins and decided about two months in to have sex. So I guess the attachment really started there.

So recently she was put in the hospital under suicide prevention and had her meds changed. She met a guy there who I really don't know much about other than his name's Adam. Last night she broke up with me because she "needs to be alone" for a while. This obviously sounds like BS. I personally don't know wether to trust her or not to, she wants to stay as close "friends" but it leaves the window for me to get jealous. I've been in relationships with a lot of girls before and know how they can be about this stuff.

The part that screws with me mainly however is that in class today she continued to look at me, every chance she got. I got sick of feeling like I was being watched because she hated me and lipped "I love you" at her. She lipped back "I love you too". Honestly, I don't know what to think. I'm way too attached to this chick and shouldn't be. Never have before with other girls and it shouldn't be like this now.

So, thoughts? Questions? Just wanted to get this off my chest mainly, but replies would be appreciated.
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