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Default Re: A few questions (oh the embarassment)

hmm..after a couple years of inactiveness i can't help but answer this:

the testes hanging this is completely u already pointed out to urself....

the no wet dreams thing is probably cuz u masturbate often...i've never had one either personally...and i'm also 15

those spots...i dunno what they are...but i have them too and i'm CERTAIN they're normal

i'm pretty sure the spots on the lower part of ur penis are hair follicles...well im not sure thats what u call em..but it's where hair grows out of, every1 has them

absolutely no point to the vein squiggly question...every1's different and every1 has veins..

that masturbation/urination question...i get that too, there's this thing in the prostate which stops u urinating wen u have an erection...i'm pretty sure it's just that canal switching back to normal..

and to that masturbation's ur choice, whatever floats ur boat

neway, u can stop fretting over little details now, every1's different

nice name embarrassment

P.S. Poms knocked u outta the final, kiwi's suck
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