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Default A few questions (oh the embarassment)

Hi there I've just joined up due to a few questions, that I've been dying to ask. (may aswell get this over with) *winces

Firstly one of my testes hangs lower than the other (occasionally), although I recently read, that one should be a little lower to prevent rubbing, so thats not much of a worry.

Secondly I recently read that pretty much every male shall have wet dreams yet I have had none, however I can masturbate suffciently

thirdly I have noticed a few spots on the underside of my foreskin (not lumps, and not that many) but still it concerns me.

similarly Ihave noticed some spots on the lower part of my penis, that are only promenent when I have an erection.

The line/vein that runs down the underside of my penis is a little squiggly (not too important)

Also when I first started masturbating, I tried to urinate immediatley afterward (which meant forcing the glands to change quickly) and now when I urinate, (once I've finished) It takes a moment for the rest (a mere dribble) to come out, should this be worried about?

Finally when masturbating, should I have my foreskin back? (it feels quite stretched at first, but then is fine) I'm 15 by the way.

Hope you can help.
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