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Default Re: Okay, please help, am I gay?

Mmmm can't believe I didn't see this. Anyway I am going to throw in my two cents when it comes to this, like I always do!

When it comes to sexuality, its the biggest pain in the arse ever I will add, you actually do know the answer already. Wheather or not you realise it is a different story. The best bit of advice I ever got was "To find out if you are gay, you need to look in your heart of hearts and then you will know the answer."

I know it sounds like a fucking riddle or something like that but personally it was the question that i refused to ask myself for years because I knew what the answer would be and it terrified me.

When it comes down to the whole sexuality business the best thing is just to go with the flow, and it will all unravel itself eventually.

God I do talk a whole load of crap!!

~ A L E X ~

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