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Default controlling boyfriend or am i just a bitch?

I love my boyfriend chris,
but hes controlling over a lot of things.
i mean he has good intentions, and ther all pretty reasonable but heres what bugs me:
1.he knew of my lifestyle way before he liked me
2. if i tell him no on some things then he'll say ok its your disision but i just want you to, and then i'll feel guilty.

i've quit smoking cigs for him,quit cutting [i dont mind that though] stopped smoking salvia for him, stop drinking on weekdays for him, trying to cut down of pot for him, started going to all my classes for him and probably more.

some of my firends are getting tired of it because i'm running to class becuase i'm late saying "fuck hes gonna be mad that i'm late" or if i slept in a missed a class. and then my other friend asked me for a cig and i'm like "sry i quit again" and she said "oh yea for your boyfriend again".

its just really starting to bug me, hes acting like my father, my best friend today even said to him when he told me i'm not skiping third period today "yes father" and he gave her this really pissed look".

then we were walking and i was telling my friend about this parrot at my firends house iw ent to for 20 min yesterday
and he goes "you lied to me, you said you stayed in."
i said: "i told you i smoekd, i jsut didnt say where" and he saisd omething along hte lines of why didnt you tell me. i asked why he needed to know and he said because i like to know, i said "you need to nkow EVERY SINGLE place i go? EVERYTHING i do?
he got a little mad, but he got over it, i laughed at how mad he got with my best friend later.

am i out of line? or what should i do?

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