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i dont think testicular pain should be veiwed as an EMERGANCY, GET TEH FUK TO THE EMERGANCY ROOM, but it should be a good concern. i had basically the same thing as you last year.....thats how i first posted on vt lol. it was there for like 5 days and i got fed up with the stress and being nervous so i told my dad that i was having pains in my lower abbs and like some in the groin (didnt say exaclty my nads hurt, but i think he got the picture) so my mom called the doctor and i went for an appointment. my mom asked if i wanted her to sit out in the waiting room and i said sure. in the examinatin room, i said what i told my dad and my doc asked if i had any pain in my testicles and i said yes, theres been some pain for a few days. she got some gloves and quickly examined them and said i didnt have any unusual lumps or bumps and the next day the pain was gone. i think i needed a doctor to say nothing was wrong so my mind could stop worrying and let the pain go away, like literally, i woke up and no pain. During puberty, random (mild)pain every once in a while is normal but if it persists you should see a doctor. my doc said that if anythin like it happens again, i should get annother appointment cus one kid was too scared to go to the doctor and ended up having to get a testicle removed is offline