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OOOOKKKAAAY, i just want to clear up someting for u. Although if u were to burn muscle, it would provide more energy for ur body than fat, it takes alot to burn muscle. i asked this question to someone who knows what they're talking about and he said ur body first goes at the carbs, then at the fat. u only need to worry about burning away muscle if ur goin like running for 3 hours or if ur working out while ur basically anorexic and not eating enough. seriously, ur weight doesnt matter, its the % of body fat to the weight, height, sex and age you are. im assuming ur a guy (sorry i dont know for sure but "and it busts my balls to" ) so u need more calories per day and a girl. at 15, you're eating alot less than it would b healthy for a girl to eat each day and you're a guy and u need more. what u need to do, rahter than not eat, is eat just a little less and pay attention to nutrition facts. ur actually supposed to eat a small meal/healthy snack every 3 hours which keeps ur metabolism going at agood rate and you dont get the completely full fealing. u need to pay attention to ammount of fat, calories from fat, sat./trans fats, CHOLESTEROL, and sugar. keep those down, exercise (cardio and strength) and ull get the results u want. but u need to put in the effort to exercise and pay attention to nutrition facts is offline   Reply With Quote