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1. As stupid as this may sound, try facersize. It's sort of when you do weird face movements/mouth movements in order to tone up your face. Look it up on Google. x] Also chewing gum helps to tone the muscles around that area which may benefit to youuu.
2. You said you cut down on your food intake, which is probably why you're losing so much weight. Yes, in a way it is sort of like your body is eating itself, but don't worry. Seriously, I wish my body would do that. xD Make sure you're eating a healthy diet though and it'll all be ok. :]
3. If you're eating all the right foods in the right proportions then you shouldn't need to eat more.
4. Probably from the lifting if you haven't done a sufficient warm up before hand, or a good cool down afterwards. :]] Make sure you stretch the muscles you're about to use/have used before and after and the aches should go away.

Haha, sorry I rambled a bit. xB

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