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Originally Posted by Shaolin
I find it funny how American Presidents think they are upholding peace in the world and protecting national security when the US has had over 50 wars in the last century an atrocity. Sure you can uphold peace with force, but using force is not peaceful. Also it almost always ends in death, death is not peace.

Thousands of peoples lives have been ruined by the US foreign policy, many countries have been undermined.

I can't believe how any of you can support the War in Iraq, Logic says it's wrong.
now, shaolin, you've had your facts straight for some time now....but not here. technically there have only been i think 2 or 3 wars involving the us. one was the civil war...and the other 2 were protecting the european nations. the 50 "wars" well wrong. there were barely 20 "wars" plus none were on our soil, and most were us trying to help our allies. and i agree fox is biased, but it is the least biased. cnn and nbs ect are way more biased then fox

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