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Default Re: Non Self Harm Calendar!

Originally Posted by Fiction View Post
Day 24. I never thought i'd get here... I don't want to get any further anymore.
You do.. you know you do deep down Kathy. Its all going to feel worth it when you're getting better I promise. Keep going beautiful

Originally Posted by She'sLostControl View Post
Day 0. >.<

But I got rid of my blades. Now I have no excuse.
I'm proud of you for doing that Louise, think of the reason you did it and try to keep going, you've already hit a huge milestone by doing that. It took me at least 3 months after stopping cutting to get rid of mine.

Originally Posted by moon_lit_angel View Post
im on the verge of a breakdown :'(

How long till i snap after 31 days
As long as you let it be, Sandra. Think of the reason you're still going, keep using that. I'm here if you want to talk but you're doing so well already

21 weeks
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